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Veronica Jade


Veronica Jade

I love to watch other guys submit and give over total control to a dominatrix mistress and that is why I love to watch Mistress Veronica Jade. She is a dominatrix mistress with style and she does it all, from a gentle whipping right the way through to dishing out some brutal punishment. Likewise, she will play with anyone, I have seen this delightful dominatrix mistress take on the likes of trannies, couples, single guys, single woman and several people at once.

I love the way that Mistress Veronica Jade dresses. Her outfits, usually consisting of rubber or leather let you know that she is the one who is always in control, no matter what the situation. She has a fully equipped dungeon, complete with suspended cages for her prisoners and every sort of torture device you could imagine. My absolute favourite videos of this dominatrix mistress are where she will take some lowly guy down into her dungeon and not only punish him physically but where she tortures them mentally too.

It gets me really hard when she tells them how worthless they are, how useless their tiny cocks are what low life pieces of shit they really are and at the same time I can watch this sexy dominatrix mistress take her slave and kick him in the nuts with her pointy boots, ball busting to the extreme!

I also like to watch her restrain her subjects so that they are totally unable to move, I am not talking handcuffs here, I mean when they are bent over a stool with their arms and legs securely bound with tape and their ass up in the air or when they are totally wrapped from head to toe in gimp wrap, with just their cocks exposed.  I really wish this sexy dominatrix mistress would say and do all these things to me while she beats me into submission!


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